Terms of Service

Use of Products: 
The customer vows to use our products only for legal and safe purposes.  We are not responsible for the illegal or unsafe use of our products.
Instructions:  Instructions are provided for reference only.  Instructions do NOT constitute professional engineering advice/other professional advice.  It is the responsibility of the user to read the MSDS and safety instructions for all equipment used and to follow those instructions.  We are not responsible for financial loss, injury, or harm caused.

Outdoor cultivation of mushrooms:
  This website is NOT a mushroom field guide or mushroom identification guide.  It is the responsibility of the customer to follow all instructions from a proper identification guide and consult with experts if there is any doubt about the identity of a mushroom cultivated outdoors.  One possible misidentification is confusing kuritake with poisonous native Galerina species.  Galerina is deadly toxic.  Familiarize yourself with Galerina species and always avoid them.  Always dispose of mushrooms which you suspect are Galerina. Never consume mushrooms suspected of being Galerina.  We are not responsible for any harm, loss, or injury that results from misidentification:  Identification of mushrooms is the responsibility of the customer.
Shipping and Temperature: 
Shipping is not temperature controlled.  We are not responsible for damage to products from temperature during shipping.  Try to avoid ordering spawn during extreme weather conditions.  If you are affected by this contact us and we will do what we can to make it right.

Fresh Mushrooms: 
Are only sold locally, not shipped, due to the fragile and heat sensitive nature of the product.

Biological products will be free from defects at the time of shipment.  If a product arrives with a defect contact us and we will find a solution.  We are not responsible for damage during shipping.  We strive to help and get your cultures started successfully as much as we can afford.  It is the customer's responsibility to follow the recommended procedures and research from the recommended resources as they need.  We encourage customers to ask any questions before using their biological samples to promote success.
Contamination and Health Risks:  It is the responsibility of the user to use our products in a sanitary or sterile manner as instructions dictate.  Some fairly common molds and bacteria which pose a health risk can contaminate mushroom cultures.  Customers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with potentially dangerous contaminants (see Stamets and Chilton (Link)).  We are not responsible for any loss, injury, or harm caused by contaminating fungi, bacteria, viruses, prions, or archaea.

Consumption of cultivated mushrooms: 
It is the responsibility of the customer to cultivate mushrooms in a sanitary manner.  Occasionally and depending on the environmental conditions mushrooms can be damaged by bacteria, molds, insects, and other organisms.  Do not consume mushrooms that are damaged by other organisms.  Store mushrooms in the fridge and consume while still fresh.  It is best to harvest mushrooms early, before sporulation, which limits attack by competitors/contaminants.  We are not responsible for harm, injury, or loss caused by consumption of home cultivated mushrooms.
Respiratory Risk:  Mushroom spores at high concentration pose a mild respiratory risk, especially over time (allergen/irritant).  Harvest mushrooms before excessive sporulation.  Wear an N95 mask or equivalent in the growth room, especially when mushrooms are sporulating, especially for heavy spore-load mushrooms, like the oyster mushrooms.  Spores can also damage fans/HVAC equipment. We are not responsible for loss, injury, or harm caused by mushroom spores.

Wait times on out of stock spawn: 
We strive to get you the spawn you need as soon as possible.  We will begin making out of stock spawn as soon as you order, therefore require advance payment.  For grain spawn the wait time to make new spawn is 2-4 weeks. For sawdust or sawdust bran spawn the wait time is 2-4 weeks IF grain spawn for the species is in stock, 4-8 weeks if no grain spawn is in stock for that species.