5-6 lb Bran SUPPLEMENTED Sawdust Spawn Bag

5-6 lb Bran SUPPLEMENTED Sawdust Spawn Bag (per bag)


Mix with hot water in a sanitary pail (optional:let sit overnight)

600-700 g Hardwood fuel pellets (HWFP)

1/2 tsp CaCO3 (calcium carbonate, calcitic lime)

1 Tbl CaS (Gypsum)

2 L hot water


Pour into a strainer.  Sprinkle 100-200 g wheat bran over substrate.  Spray surface with hot water to wet bran.  Let drain until flow of water is almost stopped. 200g Bran: 600 g HWFP is suitable for species requiring a high amount of supplement (eg. shiitake blocks).  100g Bran:  700 g HWFP is suitable to increase the yield of most species compared to sawdust alone.

Put 2/3 cup dry HWFP into each bag (14A type bag)

Scoop drained mixture evenly into 14A bags, roll down to filter patch and clip or stack.

Sterilize for at least 2 hour at 121 C at sea level in a pressure canner/sterilizer, according to the manufacturer's instructions.  More bran will require longer sterilization time.  Make sure to use sufficient water in cooker to provide steam for extended run time.  Use sterilization indicators to check for sufficient time.  Overpacked cookers or large volumes will require longer times.  During cooling when the pressure is between 0 and 1 psig move the cooker in front of a HEPA filter air source to finish cooling.