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Small World Mycology

Fresh Pleurotus ostreatus - Black Pearl King Oyster

Fresh Pleurotus ostreatus - Black Pearl King Oyster

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Scientific Name: Pleurotus ostreatus

Common Names: Black Trumpet Oyster, Black Pearl King Oyster

Description: A medium-large variety of the wood oyster mushroom, which features a black cap and tender fleshy stem similar to the true king oyster mushroom. This species is easy to grow and substrate adaptive like the wood oyster mushroom, but has the superior culinary qualities of the king oyster mushroom. Great for growth outdoors or on sawdust blocks indoors and high yielding. The downside of this species compared to blue oyster is that it requires a few weeks of rest after colonization before primordia form.

Growth Conditions

Petri Dish, Slant, or Liquid Culture
Growth Medium: Malt extract or potato water agar
Temperature: 21 deg C

Spawn Run
Growth Medium: supplemented hardwood sawdust
Temperature: 21 deg C
Bag Filter Type: "A"

Primordia Formation
Temperature: 10-18 deg C
Humidity: 95-100 %
Time (days): 2-4 weeks
Light (Lux): 500-1500 lux

Fruit-body Growth
Temperature: 12-22 deg C
Humidity: 80-95 %
Time: 1 week
Light: 500-1500 lux

Harvest Hint: Leave the bag closed until primordia begin to form, unless you can provide a foggy 100 % humidity environment. With this species there may be a delay of 2-4 weeks between colonization and primordia formation. At this point open the bag from the top and leave 3-4 inches of bag wall height to allow humidity and CO2 to pool in the bag and encourage stem elongation. Harvest the mushroom before the cap edges turn upward and spore release begins. Color will be more vibrant if harvested early. Growth in lower light creates a form similar to the standard king oyster mushroom, while high light encourages large dark caps.

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