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Pholiota adiposa - Chestnut Mushroom Genetics

Pholiota adiposa - Chestnut Mushroom Genetics

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Scientific Name: Pholiota adiposa


Common Names: Kuritake, Brick Top, Cinnamon Cap, Chestnut Mushroom


Description:  A delicious gilled mushroom with a vibrant orange-yellow cap which grows in large dense clusters.  Has a crunchy texture and mild nutty flavor.  Kuritake fruits well on a range of deciduous wood and is an excellent species for outdoor cultivation on logs, stumps, and wood chip beds.  It is also relatively easy to grow indoors and yields very well.

Growth ConditionsPetri Dish, Slant, or Liquid CultureGrowth Medium: Malt extract or potato water agarTemperature: 21 deg CSpawn RunGrowth Medium:  supplemented hardwood sawdustTemperature: 21 deg CBag Filter Type: "A"Primordia FormationTemperature:  10-16 deg CHumidity: 95-100 %Time (days): 1-2 weeksLight (Lux): 100-200 luxFruit-body GrowthTemperature:  10-20 deg CHumidity: 80-95 %Time: 1-2 weeksLight: 100-500 luxHarvest Hint:  Leave the bag closed until primordia begin to form, unless you can provide a foggy 100 % humidity environment.  With this species there may be a delay of 2-4 weeks between colonization and primordia formation.  At this point open the bag from the top and leave 3-4 inches of bag wall height to allow humidity and CO2 to pool in the bag and encourage stem elongation.  The mushrooms will be almost flat capped at maturity, so harvest them while they are still quite concave for longer storage life.

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