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Small World Mycology

Dry Hericium erinaceus - Lions Mane Mushroom

Dry Hericium erinaceus - Lions Mane Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Herecium erinaceous 


Common Names: Lion's mane, Monkey's Head, Sheep's Head, Bear's head, Hedgehog Mushroom, Pom Pom Blanc, Yamabushi-take, Houtou 


Description:  A distinctive white mushroom that forms giant pompoms of solid mushroom flesh, adorned with spore-bearing spines.  Lion's mane is almost as simple to grow as blue oyster, yields well, and is renowned for both its medicinal and culinary properties.  Lion's mane has a mild neutral taste, slowly developing a delicious lobster flavor over it's long life in the fridge.  Lion's mane takes longer to grow compared to oyster mushrooms, and is less substrate adaptive requiring a hardwood substrate, but it will form perfect fruitbodies over a relatively wide range of temperatures.  

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