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Small World Mycology

Dry Pleurotus ostreatus- Cold Blue Oyster Mushroom

Dry Pleurotus ostreatus- Cold Blue Oyster Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Pleurotus ostreatus

Common Names:
Blue Oyster, Cold Blue Oyster, Blue Oyster, Wood Oyster, Tree Oyster, Oyster Shelf, Straw Mushroom, Hiratake, Tamogitake

Description:  A large, tender, delicious mushroom with a beautiful blue colored cap.  Blue oyster and other P. ostreatus species are some of the easiest to grow because they fruit using many substrates over a wide range of temperatures:  Hardwood, straw, and coffee grinds can produce huge yields of beautiful fruitbodies.  Blue Oyster is the best choice for the beginner.  Lower temperatures and higher light increase the bright blue pigmentation of the cap.  This cold temperature variety is a good choice for spring/fall outdoors or winter in the greenhouse.


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