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Dry Ganoderma lucidum - Reishi Mushroom

Dry Ganoderma lucidum - Reishi Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Ganoderma lucidum

Common Names: Reishi, Ling Chi, Mannentake, Saiwai-take, Panacea Polypore

Description:  A polypore mushroom used to make teas, tinctures, and as a medicinal herb.  Brilliant yellow-orange-red fruit body which grows in an antler form under low temperature/high CO2 and forms conks at high temperature/low CO2.  Known in China as "the mushroom of immortality" reishi has many health benefits and it's tea can help with better sleep.  Spent kits can be grown in planters filled with sawdust and topped with sandy soil.

Growth ConditionsPetri Dish, Slant, or Liquid CultureGrowth Medium: Malt extract or potato water agarTemperature: 21 deg CSpawn RunGrowth Medium:  Unsupplemented hardwood sawdustTemperature: 21 deg CBag Filter Type: "A"Primordia FormationTemperature:  15-21 deg CHumidity: 95-100 %Time (days): 2-4 weeksLight (Lux): 200-500 luxFruit-body GrowthTemperature:  21-28 deg CHumidity: 80-95 %Time: 8-10 weeksLight: 700-1500 luxHarvest Hint:  Allow antlers to form and grow up to filter patch before cutting bag open with one horizontal slice the full length of the bag just below the heat seal on the bag.  High CO2 in the bag will promote antler growth until the antlers reach the top of the bag, at which point conks will form. When the growing edge changes color from off white to concolorous with the mature flesh growth is finished and it is time to harvest.

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