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Small World Mycology

Dry Grifola fondosa - Maitake Mushroom

Dry Grifola fondosa - Maitake Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Grifola frondosa

Common Names: Maitake, Hen of the Woods, Kumotake, Dancing Mushroom,

Description: A very large, tender and delicious polypore mushroom with health benefits including antiviral properties. Reishi first forms a large, very dark ball-like structure with amazing solid flesh which can be enjoyed as a choice edible at that point. Proper conditions will cause this fleshy mass to grow stocks, which further differentiate into beautiful delicate tender petals with lighter color.

Growth Conditions

Petri Dish, Slant, or Liquid Culture
Growth Medium: Malt extract or potato water agar
Temperature: 21 deg C

Spawn Run
Growth Medium: Supplemented hardwood sawdust
Temperature: 21 deg C
Bag Filter Type: "A"

Primordia Formation
Temperature: 10-16 deg C
Humidity: 95 %
Time (days): 1-2 weeks
Light (Lux): 100-500 lux

Fruit-body Growth

Temperature: 10-16 deg C
Humidity: 85-95 %
Time: 1-2 weeks
Light: 100-500 lux

petal formation
Temperature: 13-18 deg C
Humidity: 75-85 %
Time: 2-3 weeks
Light: 500-1000 lux

Harvest Hint: Allow black ball structures to form on the top surface and enlarge. This delicious solid flesh can be cooked directly, or with proper conditions encouraged to grow into the traditional petal form of Maitake. The next phase of fruitbody development can be achieved inside the bag if a very humid environment is not available, or with the bag cut open partially or completely from the top. The bag walls should be roll
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