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Small World Mycology

Fresh Hypsizygus tessellatus - Buena Shimeji Mushroom

Fresh Hypsizygus tessellatus - Buena Shimeji Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Hypsizygus tessulatus


Common Names: Beech Mushroom, Yamabiko Hon-shimeji, Tamo-motashi

Description:  A delicious gilled mushroom with a medium-small tan colored cap which features delicate stained glass/watermark patterns.  Has a crunchy texture and mild nutty flavor.  An interesting characteristic of the species is that the mycelium grows quickly at a relatively high temperature, while mushrooms form only after an exposure to cold temperatures.  This mushroom is a good choice to grow on wood substrates in the greenhouse in the winter or outdoors in the spring/fall.  It can be grown outdoors on woodchip beds, logs or stumps, but care must be taken in its identification.

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