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Small World Mycology

Fresh Stropharia rugosoannulata - Wine cap Mushroom

Fresh Stropharia rugosoannulata - Wine cap Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Strophoria rugusoannulata 


Common Names: King Strophoria, Garden Giant, Wine Cap, Godzilla Mushroom


Description:  A delicious gilled mushroom with a very large fruitbody, distinctive red-burgundy cap, and a thick partial veil that leaves a skirt on the stem.  This is the best choice to grow on outdoor woodchip beds, and is rather difficult to grow indoors because it requires bacteria to initiate mushroom formation.  Outdoor mushroom beds often form single mushrooms over a pound and up to 5 pounds!  Because of its high yield outdoors on both woodchips and straw and ease of identification it is the best choice for outdoor growth

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